GREEN Responsible Printing

Our environment means the world to us and it means a lot to the world. Working in an industry that is so dependent on natural resources, we take sustainability seriously. The industry has made great strides to move away from solvent inks that contain heavy metals. Our presses use UV inks containing up to 50% naturally-derived monomers and oligomers derived from renewable resources such as plants or biomass, and contain virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOC).

LED technology consumes less energy and less ink, consequently producing less waste. Due to the fact that LED lamps don’t need warm-up time, they will last the lifetime of the presses. Another energy-saving feature is “cool cure” technology and that allows our presses to print on materials that can’t withstand high-heat drying or curing methods.

Recycling today is a way of life so we have joined forces with local businesses to recycle any solvents, materials, wood, plastic and foam that we need to dispose of. Not only do we believe in recycling, we also promote many recycled materials and papers to our clients. At NAI X-Press, our goal is to reduce, reuse and recycle because we want to do what is right for our world today and tomorrow.

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