UltraDrop Grayscale

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Our presses are using a printhead design which allows us to offer UltraDrop Grayscale Technology. This means that each printhead can produce different size drops dynamically within the same image using 4-color, 6-color or 8-color process. Variable UltraDrop Grayscale printing gives you overall results that can exceed the image quality when printing with light colors. As the dot gets smaller the eye perceives the dot to disappear and creates almost a continuous/photographic tone. Small drops are best for small text and fine detail. Medium drops are ideal for skin tones and gradients and large dots are best for solids. The more levels of grayscale the smoother the color transitions giving you beautiful color prints.

This technology takes your 4-color graphics and translates it to grayscale and then applies a size of drop that is best for the image you are printing. Then the grayscale image interpolates a 4-color, 6-color or 8-color process into the different levels of grayscale. This sets a new standard of image quality, which you should expect when taking your graphics to the next level with UltraDrop Grayscale Technology.

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