FAQs - NAI X-Press Web to Print Solutions

What file type is best for a logo?

A vector based EPS file type is most recommended. If a vector file isn’t an option, then we would recommend a high resolution JPG. The larger the image (300 dpi), the better the image will appear when you are up close. From a distance, you can provide a smaller resolution (100 – 150 dpi).

When would you use wide format over offset/litho printing?

Wide format printing is used for short turnaround times because there is no time needed for ink to dry. It is very affordable for short runs. You can even print just one copy. Unique options to print on paper, glass, metal, plastic are also available.

How can I learn more about your eCommerce buying tool?

Our web-based eCommerce solution is a perfect solution if we are printing consistently for you. If this is the case, it would make sense for you because it streamlines your processes and overall will save you money. Contact us to schedule a meeting and to see a demo of our branded eCommerce buying solution.

Who can help me understand more about the different technologies that your printing & finishing offer?

We would be happy to explain this further in either a phone conversation or in a one-on-one meeting so we can also provide examples of what we have to offer. It is a bit technical so we want to make sure our clients fully understand all of our capabilities. Call us anytime to discuss this with our support staff or to schedule a meeting.

How do you get your pricing so low?

Our pricing strategy is based on our web to print workflows. This allows us to streamline our processes, creating fewer touch points, which translates into saving you money. We treat our clients exactly the way we would want to be treated.

NAI X-Press - Web to Print Solutions