Three-Layer White Ink

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When printing high definition graphics on point of purchase or backlit signage, you can use three-layer white ink technology printing.  White ink will print opaque at the same speed as CMYK and can be printed as a solid or a spot color.  Our presses can print three independent image layers of data in perfect registration, all in one pass, highlighting the full press capabilities of using one layer of four-color process and two layers of white, therefore enhancing the overall color.  This allows you to achieve unforgettably eye-catching results, especially if the piece is backlit.

A step by step process on how to create unique results out of your 4-color images is as follows: For the first layer, print a 4-color image on clear substrate. On the second layer, create a spot white and then color bump the color to intensify the background for richness. The third layer would then add the density while the white ink diffuses the color bump areas. Using white ink on one or more layers creates opaque blacks, bright color bumps, or both. Our press has the capabilities of printing three-layers in a single pass, creating a greater visual impact and giving you amazing results.

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