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UPLOAD FILES: Drag and drop your files onto the area provided or click on the browser button to select files from your system. Once all of your files are selected, complete your information (name, e-mail & job description) and then press the start upload button to begin uploading your files. An email will be sent to to begin your order.

File Upload FAQs

Uploading Files

  • Files over 5mb should upload to our FTP site. Contact for FTP information.
  • Files under 5mb can upload to our website.
  • Files can be sent to us on CD: NAI X-Press, 17324 Bell North Dr., Schertz, TX 78154

File Format

  • Please provide your files in .tif, high-res .pdf, vector, or high-res .jpg formats with fonts outlined or embedded.
  • Files in .eps and .psd., typically from Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign, should have all fonts & links included.

Proper Resolution for Wide Format Print Files

  • Image resolution should be from 150 dpi – 200 dpi (dots/pixels per inch) at the final print size of the graphic. 300 dpi images are not necessary for wide format digital printers. Please create your graphics at 100% of the final print size to avoid scaling issues.

Matching Logo Colors to Pantone Matching System© (PMS) Colors
If specific elements of a Photoshop file need to match a particular color, please provide a layered Photoshop file with the element or elements on their own individual layers. A flattened Photoshop file cannot be used to match critical color.

Best Color Match
Communication is critical with any color that you are concerned about matching. Please provide hard copy proofs, specific Pantone© color values, or previously printed materials with the colors you wish to match. This will take the guessing out and will give us exactly what we need to meet your expectations.

Color Proofs
All clients will receive a digital proof for sign off. If it is important for us to create a test printed color proof, then we need to know that in order to allow for the extra time needed to send the proof to you. A test print is a portion of your image printed at 100% from our large format printer. Standard prints are approximately two feet square.

Preprint Checklist

  • Verify that all images are the correct resolution for printing – min. 150 dpi – 200 dpi.
  • Include a proof, .jpeg, or .pdf file to verify that the layout is correct.
  • Include placed images and fonts, and, if possible, outline or convert all text to paths.
  • Specify die cut line as 100% cyan or magenta on its own layer.
  • Include a 1/8″ bleed larger than the die cut line.
  • If color matching, include PMS color reference. Put PMS colors on separate layers.
  • When uploading files to our FTP site, please notify us at
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